Bail Bonds/Forfeiture Hearings

DuMond Law Represents Bond Companies, Surety Companies, and Individual Indemnitors and Bond Posters at Bond forfeiture hearings in Maricopa and Pima County.

Bail Bonds

Under Arizona Law, when a Defendant fails to appear for a scheduled court date, a warrant is issued and the matter is set for a Bond Forfeiture Hearing.  At this hearing, a bond company, through their attorney, or individual bond poster can present evidence and arguments to the Court as to why the bond should be exonerated and not forfeited to the State.

Samantha DuMond is highly experienced in this area of the law as she was a former Bail Bond Agent and Bail Bond Recovery Agent for three years prior to practicing law.  She worked closely with the President of the Bail Bond Association to change and develop some of the statutory regulations for Bail Bond Agents and has worked with the Department of Insurance to keep bail bond companies in Compliance with their licensing regulations and requirements.

Bail Bond Companies and Surety Companies are required to have counsel appear for them in the Superior Court.  If you are in need of an Attorney to represent the Bail Bond Company, the Surety Company, the Individual Bond Poster or the Defendant, please contact DuMond Law Firm to speak with Samantha DuMond about the bail bond forfeiture hearing process and what we can do for you.