Cody Hudson


Cody HudsonCody Hudson is a paralegal with DuMond Law Firm. He came into the legal world by way of association and has developed a passion that grew like wildfire since his introduction. Though new to the practice of law, Cody believes in delivering an unequivocally reliable service to the many clients of DuMond Law Firm, regardless of industry or circumstance.

Cody was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. He learned early on the value sowed in a “I will work harder” mentality. As a boy, he took up painting and cleaning jobs with a neighborhood friend’s father. The wages were meager, but the lessons were great. Hard work fosters happy clients and a proud name. Cody applied this principle to his work in a high school club called Model United Nations, where and fellow students practiced diplomacy in a mock United Nations amongst several college and high school teams. Cody was awarded Best Diplomat of his sector at two of the three competitions he participated in. Model United nations afforded him the opportunity to learn how to levy each party’s advantages and disadvantages while working with others for one common goal. While in high school, he picked up a job at a local grocery store where his supervisors saw potential and allowed him to rise from courtesy clerk to grocery clerk in a little over a year. He stayed at that store until he graduated high school with honors in 2012.

Shortly after graduating, Mr. Hudson was offered a job to work construction in Colorado, a job which redefined his idea of what quality hard work really meant. Working in Colorado taught him to treat each project as if it were his personally, an ideal that allowed him to provide the best result he could furnish. That principle is held closely to Mr. Hudson’s heart no matter what field he finds himself in. After four years of working with his hands, Cody saw an opportunity to sharpen his mind when he saw DuMond Law Firm, a reputable firm of his home state, looking for an assistant. He was quick to reach for this fortuitous opening.

Cody Hudson has since been working for DuMond Law Firm, where kind customer service and effective representation hold sway over all else. Working this firm has opened his eyes to the machinations of the legal system, all the while teaching him the necessity for fair representation. Mr. Hudson is as proud as he is grateful to be a part of this team, a team that values hard work, fairness, equality, and justice as much as he does.