Allyson Woolf

Reception and Legal Administrator

Allyson WoolfAllyson Woolf, an Arizona native, grew up with her family in the east valley. From a young age, she has always enjoyed being social and helping others. She often displayed her outgoing nature through sports like gymnastics and cheerleading, or by serving the community with Girl Scouts as a child. Growing up, quality time spent with her family made a significant impact on Allyson; her parents and sister have taught her how to care for others, lead by example, and that family is always your biggest support system.

After graduating high school, Allyson jumped into the corporate world of insurance with State Farm. There, she learned how to play to her strengths by fostering lasting relationships with customers as she represented the company through their sales team. Outside of work, Allyson spends her time traveling and going to concerts with her friends. She also is an avid reader and loves to practice yoga.

After a decision to pursue higher education in business, Allyson moved on from insurance to gain experience in the field of business administration. That led to her position with DuMond Law Firm, and she has taken on the role of Receptionist and Administrator. She has found a new passion for the legal world and looks forward to expanding her knowledge in the field. Allyson loves supporting the DuMond team while simultaneously making a difference in the lives of others.