Anne Swank



Anne Swank is in her last semester of law school at Arizona Summit Law School. She received her Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology from Arizona State University in 1999 and later earned her Masters Degree in Law from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, graduating with a 3.94/4.0 grade point average.

During her time at Arizona Summit Law School, Anne has been a student leader. She was elected as a Student Delegate to the Student Bar Association during her 2L and 3L years and is currently the Lt. Governor of Law Student Professional Development with the American Bar Association, 15th Circuit. She is also currently the Vice President of the Arizona Summit Law School Justice Project, which seeks justice for the innocent and the wrongfully imprisoned, the marginalized and forgotten of Arizona’s criminal justice system. During the summer of 2015, Anne participated in the Cross Border Institute for Legal Studies in Mexico City, studying international law and later in 2015, she was a legal intern to a Superior Court Judge in the Civil Division. Anne has also been on the Dean’s List at Arizona Summit Law.

Prior to law school, Anne worked as a private investigator and also as a dedicated litigation paralegal for a prestigious litigation law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializing in complex litigation. Her diligent work on several high-profile product liability and negligence cases including Vioxx (“Rofecoxib”) and the Endoscopy Litigation helped her to stand out as a resourceful go-getter and she was recognized as Employee of the Month in June, 2009.

Anne is a single mom to three sons and enjoys giving back and paying it forward. She believes in second chances and hard work. Anne has enjoyed the diversity of experiences she has discovered in various areas of the law.  Looking to the future, however, she finds herself tending to prefer those areas where she can best help people ill-situated to help themselves. She enjoys protecting the rights of those accused of crime and of those civilly wronged. Based on her work in our office, she is eagerly looking forward to being part of a thriving criminal law practice once she completes law school, takes the bar exam, and commences full-time legal work.

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